7 Princess Party Ideas

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Every little girl, at one time or another, dreams of being a princess – and princess-themed parties are very popular for little girls today. Whether your daughter wants to have a Disney princess-themed party, or just wants to be treated like a princess for a day, she won’t be disappointed if you use one or more of the following party ideas. This list contains so many wonderful ideas that it will be easy to create a party she’ll remember for years to come.

Start with the Invitations

To announce your upcoming royal festivities, choose princess-themed invitations. On the inside of each card, say things like “Princess Anna invites you to celebrate her 5th birthday”, or “Join us for a royal celebration: It’s Princess Jennifer’s birthday!” If you want your party guests to dress up like princesses, be sure to let them know on the invites; if not, you can always make a game of dress-up one of the party activities!

Princess-5th Birthday

Make Some Sparkly Tiaras

When your princesses arrive for the party, set them up at a table and have them make their very own sparkly tiaras. Decorate plastic, foam or paper tiaras with beads, stick-on gems, glue and glitter, which are all found in the crafts section of your local discount store. Tiara making is a great way to keep party guests occupied while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive.


Play Dress-up and Pretend

If you don’t ask your party guests to come dressed like princesses, you can lead them in a game of dress-up. Gather sparkly, shiny and lacy dresses, available at secondhand shops, along with scarves, sashes and ribbons. Your smallest guests are likely to need help putting on their royal attire; it’s a good idea to recruit another adult to help with this part of the festivities.

Play Dress-up and Pretend


The next part of becoming a princess is to have the right look. A kiddie-friendly jewelry and makeup station will help them look the part. Ask your princess’ older sister, or a trusted family member to stand in as a ‘makeup artist’ for an afternoon, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Princess Party Jumping Castle

Even though your daughter and her friends are princesses, they can still have some bouncy outdoor fun – and a princess jumping castle is a great way to do just that. Find a princess jumping castle for hire in shades of purple and pink, and you’ll make all of your party guests very happy.

Little Miss Jumping Castle

The Menu

No princess-themed birthday party is complete without royal snacks. If you’re holding the party around midday, consider serving finger sandwiches (cut in princess shapes) and cut veggies. For dessert, give your royal court some pink-frosted cupcakes (with sprinkles, of course!) and strawberry ice cream.


Royal Décor

There are many places to find party décor that’s fit for princesses. You can make the theme as simple as purple and pink crepe streamers and a banner, or you can go further with napkins, tableware and plates that carry on the theme. Make your princess feel extra-special by decorating a ‘throne’ with streamers, gemstones and balloons, and she can sit in it for cake, ice cream and presents.

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